Read on to learn about company, that uses every single repurposing product in Contellio's portfolio: blog post repurposing to presentations, animations, infographics, as well as how-to videos for their SaaS (software as a service) products.

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Blog post “LMS and Gamification” published on TalentLMS blog

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How to Scale Content Marketing the Same Way You Scale Your Business

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Epignosis is a parent company to three products on the e-learning market:

TalentLMS – a cloud learning management system (LMS). eFront Pro – a hosted pro-grade LMS for bigger companies and enterprises. The newest addition to the Epignosis e-learning family is Snappico, a B2C casual learning mobile app combining gamification with infographics.

Today, we talk with Alex Chaidaroglou, who is part of the marketing team at Epignosis..


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Landing page “What's an LMS?” published on TalentLMS website

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Epignosis was looking for a way to differentiate from other e-learning vendors. Very reasonably, they started with a small scale test of a few content items. Alex Chaidaroglou describes one of the tests:

We started by creating an e-book about e-learning. It answered everything that someone might ask about e-learning from its history to its implementation.


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Landing page “eFront Pro" published on eFront website

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Not long after the first test they were pushing out an impressive two new blog posts every week to their e-learning audience.


With an increase in volume, and in a search for new audiences, came the idea of using existing content again but in a different context. Epignosis started re-using their existing content in the first months of 2015 by partnering with Contellio.

We needed a way to grow and scale our content. Repurposing has always been a great value for its money for us, because we always have a lot of content to publish.

ORIGINAL 9 minute read
TalentLMS blog post "Set up shop with the new TalentLMS – Shopify integration"

REPURPOSED 3 minute YouTube animated how-to video

Around the middle of the year Contellio introduced a “how-to support animations” subscription for SaaS companies and Epignosis leveled up with these as well. Today, almost half of the material they publish is product-related.


Now we get around 100 new views every day at our presentations. We’re not obsessed with clicks, because with content marketing, it is all the activities put together that drive results - says Chaidaroglou.

Contellio comments: this is often the case. Companies and marketers (including us!) underestimate the power of presentations. We all think that flashy animations or beautiful infographics will bring the most traffic, but in fact, SlideShare is the place to publish B2B materials. Now with SlideShare acquired by LinkedIn we’ll see even tighter integration to their professional community, so it’s definitely a place to watch

With traffic to their site increasing steadily the most important source is SlideShare. “I would definitely recommend content repurposing to others. Presentations and infographics are a key differentiator to our marketing, and animations and how-to videos are the best way to describe what your product does to new clients” - adds Chaidaroglou.

After almost a year working with repurposed content, Epignosis sees clear value in this type of content activities:

I would definitely recommend content repurposing to others. Presentations and infographics bring a lot of views, and animations and how-to videos are the best way to describe what your product does to the new clients.

alex-recomments - Alex Chaidaroglou

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