How Balihoo grew their engagement in social media by over 70% with a single infographic

Table of contents:

  1. Background
  2. Challenges
  3. Solution
  4. Results
  5. Examples



Balihoo is a global search engine marketing service delivering to multi-location brands. By launching micro-relevant campaigns Balihoo activates customers’ data to create hundreds or even thousands of unique and relevant campaigns.


Balihoo wasn’t seeing enough engagement on their blog. Despite their extensive pool of cutting-edge, highly valuable content, very few prospects were engaging in it.

Amanda Cash-Crowley, Director of Marketing:
We know that visual content is more engaging and shareable, and that re-purposing existing content in multiple mediums improves reach and frequency of our message. With limited in-house resources, and not enough time to manage freelancers, we turned to Contellio.


Since Balihoo already had so much awesome content, the solution to their problem was clear. They decided to re-purpose their blog posts into eye-catching visuals, mostly infograhpics.


Balihoo team was delighted with what happened next. The infographics nearly doubled the amount of engagement with their social media presence. Balihoo’s ’5 Tips for Scaling Paid Search' was a good example.

They had 50 views on the original blog post and ended up with 160 downloads of the Infographic, even though they promoted both on the exact same channels with the same strategy. Compared to the blog post, the Infographic had 70% more social engagement actions (likes and shares), especially on SlideShare.

Examples of repurposed content from Balihoo

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