How Artisan Turned a less than 200‑Views Blog Post to over 14,000‑Views SlideShare Success

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  1. Background
  2. Challenges
  3. Solution
  4. Results
  5. Testimonial
  6. Examples
  7. How to convince your boss to invest in content repurposing


Artisan is an interactive, digital, marketing and creative staffing agency. The company was founded in 1988 in Chicago and today has offices in Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington DC, Indianapolis, and Cincinnati.

Inavero-staffing-industry-awardsSince 1988, Artisan has served over 2,000 companies around the United States, along with thousands of skilled professionals in a wide variety of fields. Artisan is the recipient of numerous industry awards, including "Best of Staffing - Clients” and "Best of Staffing - Talent” which ranks it in the top 2% of all employment agencies in the nation.

Today, we are talking with Cameron Douraghy, Vice President of Artisan, about his experience with content repurposing and the astonishing results it provided for the company.


Artisan’s challenge wasn’t unusual: the company had created a huge collection of useful content on their site, some of which worked well in the past and some did not.

Cameron Douraghy, Vice President of Artisan:
We were looking to take some of our blog content and introduce it to a larger audience.

The difference between Artisan and most of its competitors is knowledge and experience. As a pioneer in the creative staffing field with close to 30 years of doing business, the amount of insight and content available at their disposal is a distinct advantage.


Instead of starting from square one, and building up their content strategy from the ground up, Artisan decided to use their existing content and repurpose it into new formats.

Contellio comments: Companies use their own analytics tools or services like BuzzSumo to pick the best performing piece of content. These are the usual suspects for repurposing, as they are already proven and the probability of repeating their success with a different audience is high.

A smart move, especially when you consider how much content there is already.

Contellio converted our existing text only content into visual content at a cost that a small business like ours can manage.


Artisan team was blown away by the results their new-old content delivered, especially on

The very first piece Artisan repurposed as a presentation went from a mere 200 views on company’s blog to over 4,500 on

Douraghy pointed out an interesting fact: Artisan didn’t change the messaging between their existing blog post and the repurposed presentation. In additon, they used the exact same social media distribution channels to reach their target audiences. The Audience simply responded much better to visual slides than plain text.

As Artisan continued to publish their repurposed content, results were better and better:

Our 2nd slide show took another previously posted blog post of ours which had garnered less than 200 views through our social media channels and boosted it to over 14,000 views!

This is still the same content, just formatted differently, and it has produced over 70x more interactions for Artisan. “One of our presentations was selected as a featured presentation on slide share (a rare honor)" - adds Douraghy.

Update: a third presentation from Artisan – Why You Should Freelance Through an Agency - also got featured on SlideShare front page and newsletter scoring over 4,000 views in a couple days.

In the first half of 2015, Artisan was able to reach close to 20 thousand new people with their repurposed content.

Douraghy summed up his experience with repurposing and Contellio saying:

I would recommend this to my peers because Contellio represents good value and definitely provides an ROI that makes us want to continue the relationship. Receiving excellent and responsive service is what keeps us coming back.

Scroll down for live examples of Artisan's repurposed content. To learn more about Artisan visit their creative staffing website, blog, and both SlideShare channels: ArtisanTalent and ArtisanCreative.

Examples of repurposed content from Artisan

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