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Our clients share their challenges and results of using Contellio to crete new visual content.

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How Artisan Turned a less than 200‑Views Blog Post to over 14,000‑Views SlideShare Success
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How GoSpotCheck Uses Repurposing to Expand Their Content Offering 21 Times
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How to Scale Content Marketing the Same Way You Scale Your Business
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How Balihoo grew their engagement in social media by over 70% with a single infographic

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What others are saying about Contellio

Katty Douraghy Contellio excels at taking long form copy and turning it into visuals that are easy to understand and engaging.
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Joshua Johnson Contellio gave us a quick and easy way to dramatically expand our content strategy across new channels and media formats.
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Chris Kobylecki Contellio brings freshness to our content. They focus on our key message and show it from a completely new perspective.
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Dan Kasper Contellio offers a service that can help expand a brand's content offering that would have been much more expensive and time consuming to do in-house.
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Alex Chaidaroglou Presentations and infographics bring a lot of views, and animations and how-to videos are the best way to describe what your product does.
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Cameron Douraghy I would recommend Contellio to my peers because it represents good value and definitely provides an ROI.
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