Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?

Give us your content and we’ll manage a queue of copywriters, designers, animators, voice-over artists, etc. to get the final piece back to you in 3-4 business days.

What’s the turnaround time?

It’s 3-4 business days until the first draft. Then depending on how fast you provide us with feedback it’s usually 2-3 more days until the final piece is ready.

Will you get my brand?

Before we start, we’ll get you on a short 15-minute onboarding call where we ask a lot of questions about your brand. We’ll use that and your brand assets to get as close as possible.

Do you create the content?

No. We believe you’re the expert in your field. We take something existing and turn it into other formats. Contellio sits between content creation and distribution.

How many revisions do I get?

As many as you need. But we do hundreds of these formats every month, and we know the average number of revisions is as low as 1.2.

I’m not sure if my content is OK to repurpose.

That’s a 100% valid concern and sometimes it’s just won’t work. We’ll tell you upfront if we feel it’s not going to work so that neither of us wastes any time.

There is not a lot of data in my posts and they’re very long. How would you do an infographic from it?

We specialize in turning blog posts into other formats. If you’d come to us with a white paper, we’d suggest splitting it into multiple elements or using Contellio to visualize just the key points.

My content is really short. Will it work?

Remember that we’ll take your content through our copywriters and get the essence from it anyway. But if it’s so short that nothing can be done with it, we’ll tell you upfront.

Do you offer a free trial?

We put a lot of labor into every piece of content we do. Due to the nature of this business, we’re unable to offer free trials. If you want to see how we work with your content, the smallest purchase you can make is a single item.

Is there any flexibility to your subscriptions?

Yes. For example, if you are on a "1 infographic and 2 presentations per month" subscription, and you want to move one of your formats to the next month, that’s completely ok with us. In some cases, you can even substitute one format for another, but you'll need to discuss it with us in advance.

How can I make an order?

When you’re a new client, it’s best to contact sales and our team will set you up. If you’re an existing client, just click the “+” sign in your dashboard and fill out the form.

Why are you better than an agency or a freelancer?

We do these and only these three formats. We don’t do hundreds of other things, like agencies like to do. Because of that we’re able to deliver things faster, with exceptional quality, and usually cheaper. When it comes to managing freelancers we all have similar experiences – it takes more to manage them then it takes for them to do the work. Contellio takes all of that off your plate.

I have an in-house designer. Why would I outsource to Contellio?

Before we started Contellio we also worked with in-house designers. Marketing requests were always second to product design. We don’t ask you to fire your inhouse designer. Let her focus on product and the most important projects. Contellio will do the rest.

How do you charge?

You can start by ordering a single format from us. That way you’ll see how we work with your content. After that our clients usually go for a subscription. It allows you to plan your content ahead, reduce unit price, and get even better work from Contellio as we learn your brand and needs more and more.

Do I have to use my credit card upfront?

No. We’ll bill you when you accept the final piece and there are multiple ways to pay (including cards of course).

How long have you been in business?

The founders of Contellio started working on the idea in late 2014. The company was officially created in April of 2015.

How big is your company?

We have a small team of 7 people in Cracow, Poland and we employ dozens of professionals around the world.

Can you do multiple things simultaneously?

Yes. This is one of the advantages of Contellio over an in-house designer. We can do 10 things at once for you.

Are there any limitations to the length of the content?

No. Just keep it reasonable. We start with blog posts and if you share a 30k-word white paper with us, we’ll suggest splitting it or repurposing just the essence.

Who owns the rights to the created content?

You. The minute you accept it and pay for it, it’s yours. We kindly ask you to allow us to showcase it on our website and sales materials (unless it is under an NDA and/or is otherwise sensitive, of course).

I’d like to see examples of previous content you’ve done that’s related to my industry.

Please contact our sales team. They will ask you a couple of questions about your company and your industry and chose the best examples from our extensive collection.

I am looking to create interactive infographics.

We don’t offer that service yet.

What do you need from our side to create these new formats?

Your blog posts URL. It’s really that simple. We know how hard it is to manage freelancers and/or agencies, and that’s why we built Contellio to be very much hands-off.

I don’t have time to promote the content I already have, why would I order more?

Marketers spend 80% of their time creating content, and only 20% distributing it. Contellio is here to give you that time back. You will have not only more content, but also more time to reach your clients.

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