Content Embeds

Encourage sharing with content embedded directly on your website

What's an Embed?

Embed is a small piece of HTML code that you place on your website and it displays your content in a nice way.

Why would you use embeds?

• It's super easy for others to share your content in social media
• And if people like it, they can even embed it on their website!


Infographic below is an example embed with content from Creative Market.

Benefits of Using Content Embeds from Contellio

Compared to hosting the files yourself embeds have plenty of benefits.

Built with Sharing in Mind

Our embeds have build-in sharing options for every major social network and people can embed your content on their websites!

Raliable Hosting Close to Users

We store embeds in 95 locations around the world simultaneously and your files are always delivered from the server closest to the user.

Your Convenience

Embeds are ready the minute you accept the design. Paste the code on your website, hit Save and you're done!

Who Else is Using Embeds?

Embeds are the backbone of social media content. From internet videos to business presentations to Tweets and Facebook posts. Marketers around the world know and love embeddable content already.


Individual posts


Individual tweets & threads


Videos & playlists


Presentations & documents



Distribute is available to all Contellio customers for $49/m.
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