Design Formats

Reach your audience where they are: an animation for Facebook, infographic for Pinterest, ebook for Slideshare.


Probably the best way to capture complicated idea in a way that is both easy to understand and share.

Historically infographics were best for B2C businesses but recently it changed. More and more B2B marketers are finding them incredibly powerful as well. After all it’s always an individual making the decision, even in a B2B world.

Contellio can create an infographic from any piece of content you already have.

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Audience agnostic

Distribution hack

Mention influencers and/or other businesses in your infographic. Make sure to let them know about this infographic. It is extra traffic for you if they share it.


If you think cumbersome PPTX file with generic templates – stop.

We’re talking about beautifully laid out, multi-page PDFs with clickable links. Presentations bring 70% more traffic to the business than the blog post it was based on. 10+ million people on Slideshare are looking for educational content like yours every day.

Contellio can turn any content into a presentation.

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B2B decision makers, especially if your presentation is a how-to, comparison, or a step-by-step guide. Best performing industries: HR, Education, Consulting, Finance, Law.

Distribution hack

There are dozens of presentations and documents repositories online. You don’t have to stick to one, publish everywhere and collect additional SEO points.


With companies like Facebook or Google placing big bets on video in recent years it is no wonder the importance of this medium is growing.

Lucky for our clients we have become experts in turning static content into an animated one.

Contellio will convert simple article into a 60-sec engaging animation.

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Mostly consumers

Distribution hack

Create a series of animated videos for your YouTube and Facebook accounts. Use Google AdWords for Video - it has much less competition where on average it's only 6 cents per click or view.

Explainer Videos

Your business or products explained in a 60 second animation and embedded on your main page.

Contrary to the marketing animations, explainer videos are done mostly once every quarter or year and describe new products or your business in general. Therefore they are based on your script rather than a blog a post or an article.

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Distribution hack

You are likely to embed this explainer video directly on your website, but use YouTube as a hosting platform. Your explainer will show up in YouTube search results as well. Perfect to show on trade shows or public speaking events.


Ebooks are usually between 5 and 50 pages long and aim to educate your potential customers about a single topic in a more extensive way than a blog post.

Marketing ebooks are a bit different than your usual Kindle novel.

99% of cases ebooks are hidden behind a pay-wall of some sort: pay with Tweet/share to download, leave email address, etc. It’s often the beginning of the relationship with the potential customer.

Contellio will design an ebook but you have to provide the whole content.

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Distribution hack

Partner with someone else and co-produce your ebook. Even if in reality it means you will do most of the work, pick a partner with a large audience so your ebook will get instant traction.

Example: if your business is gym equipment find a popular interior design company and write an ebook on the perfect gym interior. If you sell apps for software developers try bringing a hardware manufacturer on board.

Landing page in minutes?

Use Contellio's Distribute to publish your ebooks online as soon as you get them.
Landing pages from Contellio include:

  • Sendgrid/Mailchimp live contact sync
  • Google Analytics integration
  • Remarketing advertising

Learn more about Distribute.

White papers

White papers are to ebooks what presentations are to the infographics – a bigger, more elaborate content piece that’s usually used in the middle of your content funnel.

Contellio will create a suitable design for your content.

Case studies

Case studies are an essential tool in any B2B sales process. They explain in details the solution you're offering and are also a great testimonials for your company.

Contellio will equip your sales team with custom design for each case study.

Video Post Production

Contellio will create intro&outro animations, lower thirds, section dividers, and edit your material to fit all your guidelines (shorten, cut scenes out, reorder, etc). We will deliver the video in the same resolution as the source material.

Facebook Cover Video

Animated cover video are 20 to 90 seconds long animations that sit on top of your fanpage where the cover photo is today. Check if your fan page has this option already.

Social Media Content

Covers and profile pictures for the most popular social networks: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, YouTube.

Blog Post Ilustrations

Once you get any of the above projects done we can create a collection of individual illustrations that will make your original blog post more attractive. This includes a cover illustration as well as a number of smaller illustrations to place in the blog post.