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In order to keep our rates low we include a small, non-intrusive plug with Contellio branding on every piece we deliver. Here’s how it looks:

Co-branded examples:


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What you get

Unlimited revisions

This is your content that you crafted. It needs to look perfect in its new form. That’s why we’ll work until you’re satisfied.

Rapid feedback implementation

Once you’ve collected the feedback and sent it over through our application, we immediately notify the designer assigned to make corrections.

Personal Account Management

You get your own account on our platform, where you can track the process of all of your orders. Whenever you need assistance, you can always reach out to our account managers for help.

Consulting on item selection

Given our experience in content repurposing, we’ll help you pick materials that would work best as visuals.

Slack integration

Tired of using email? Enable direct Slack notifications and get real-time updates that are just a click away.


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